About of VisionDatWeb

It works splendidly in the organization of ophthalmological offices, optometric, opticians, chains and departmental stores.
It is an application that offers different options for the management of clinical records and the administration of clinics, it is an effective tool for a professional practice of high quality.

Provides the necessary capture tools for electronic management of clinical files

General Data

  • Address
  • Occupation
  • References
  • Oficial ID


  • Of Identification
  • Clinical

Clínicas History

  • Family and ocular hereditary antecedents
  • Personal and eye antecedents
  • Current condition
  • Ophthalmic study (Includes ICD-9 diagnostic registry)
  • Refractive study
  • Recipe

Printing records for preservation in physical archive

  • Printing of medical records

Graphs and Statistics

  • Evolution Graphs
  • Graphs of efficiency and visual loss
  • Epidemiological
  • Statistical summary by dates

Administrative Control

  • Point of sale (Requires subscription to the POS system)
  • Basic inventory control
  • Price calculator
  • Branch Supervision

Data from related organizations

  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Industries, etc.


  • Records
  • Past Consults
  • Appointment and Activities
  • Daily Control
  • Lits


  • Eye Health Recipe
  • Prescription Lenses Recipe
  • Contact Lenses
  • Optical laboratory

What is achieved by using VisionDatWeb?

  • A more dynamic consult.
  • Obtaining objective data.
  • Better communication with your clients.
  • A modern and distinguished professional image.
  • Saving time, money and effort.
  • Objective control of your records
  • Optimizes administrative management
  • News of Interest in www.visiondat.com

For whom it is directed?

  • For Entrepreneurial Professionals.
  • For prestigious offices.
  • For those who are at the forefront of competition.
  • For professionals with initiative to overcome.
  • For Expanding Businesses.

Advanced professional

  • The consultation process becomes methodical and precise.
  • The data that are registered have statistical value.
  • It is possible to show clear information to the patient about the current state of their visual health and their evolution.
  • Get statistics of your diagnoses.
  • It is a modern system of advanced technology.

Commercial and Service Improvement:

  • His professional practice presents an image of technological commitment that impacts his clients.
  • Has statistical information available to plan your operation, with this, you can know which of the products and services (with point of sale) that offer more mobility.
  • It is possible to show clear information to the patient about the current state of their visual health and their evolution.
  • You can structure your marketing strategies, ie: classify your clientele by sex, age, occupation, referral, place where they work, etc..
  • With this information, you can design strategies ranging from the design of your office, the type of exhibitors, the incorporation or withdrawal of products, etc. To marketing and advertising plans.