VisionDatWeb It is an advanced technology program with multiple options in the electronic handling of clinical records and the administration of professional practice. Improves the administrative process oriented to a more dynamic query optimizing the attention to the client. It contains a powerful generator of graphs and statistics of interest to the patient, the professional and the health systems.


Ophthalmology, Optometry, Contactology, Special studies, etc.


Clinical History, Visual, Ocular, Epidemiology, etc.


Print, Lists, Reports, Compatible with international code of sufferings.


Is a software service to maintain electronic clinical records. The System of Administration and Control of Clinical Records is based on clinical models of international use, which have been analyzed and shaped in a simple design for the use of all those who dedicate to the visual care. The software allows you to register:

  • General information about patients
  • Preliminary Examinations
  • Clinic History
  • Refractive Study
  • Ophthalmic Study


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Individual Subscription

$9.99 Monthly

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Ideal for professionals who need to organize their clinical records.
Includes subscriber and additional user (eg. at reception)

Group Subscription

$19.99 Monthly

($39.99 at the end of promotion)

Includes subscriber and 3 users, managing branches (5 Dlls extra per each additional user)

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